Anders Smebye

  • Anders Smebye: Exfiltration (2010)
2010, Felt and bones, Dimensions variable
1200 NOK / 219 USD* / 152 EUR*

12 + AP

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Each bone is signed, dated and numbered by the artist

"A bag of rubbish that was being displayed as a work of art at the Tate Britain gallery has been gathered up by one of the cleaners and thrown out with the trash.

The transparent bin liner filled with waste paper was part of a piece by the artist Gustav Metzger, included in the gallery's show Art and The Sixties.

One of the gallery's cleaners took the piece and dropped it into a skip. By the time Tate staff realised what had happened and retrieved the bag, it had been too badly damaged to go back on display.
The spokesman said: "The bag was removed the morning before we first opened. It was not put in a crusher but in a skip. It was removed but it was seen that it was damaged. That's why the artist put another bag in its place." He pointed out that Metzger had not actually picked up new rubbish to put in his replacement bin liner, but had simply found one that had already been filled and discarded.
"The bags are taken from where they are found and put in the [gallery] space," said the Tate.
"He doesn't manipulate what's in the bag."